Lester Blair Studio | Wairarapa Abandoned Warehouse
a painting using a composite composition in photoshop as a source. a street scene of a typical small town of New Zealand.
composite image, photoshop, acrylic on canvas, wairarapa, warehouse, street
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acrylic on canvas 910mm x 710mm

The source for this painting is from a number of photographs I made by walking the opposite side of the street to this scene. I first made a composite image in photoshop before transferring a line drawing to a canvas. This scene cannot be seen from standing in one spot or through the viewfinder of a camera. I guess it looks a little like a front elevation of a technical drawing. The other way of thinking about it is that it is a picture of a walk over a few minutes, so maybe I could say it contains both time and movement. This painting is also much more simplified than previous paintings.