Lester Blair Studio | Wairarapa Landscape
art work paintings in the photorealism style by Lester Blair, a Wellington New Zealand Artist, plus a Christian blog plus painting & art blog.
painting, art, photorealism, painting art blog, Christian grace life blog, Artist Wellington New Zealand
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Wairarapa Landscape

I saw many enchanting landscapes while driving to Castlepoint from Masterton, but unable to pull over on the narrow roads to take a photo, this image being one where I could. Photo taken on 5th January 2014. I took several photos and stitched them digitaly into a panorama. To make this painting I just extended the sky upwards to make a square formant, which I think looks much better than an awkward long rectangle. The painting was completed on 23rd April 2014.

click image for a larger view >

acrylic on canvas 838x838mm