Lester Blair Studio | Rock Pool, Owhiro Bay, Wellington
art work paintings in the photorealism style by Lester Blair, a Wellington New Zealand Artist, plus a Christian blog plus painting & art blog.
painting, art, photorealism, painting art blog, Christian grace life blog, Artist Wellington New Zealand
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Rock Pool, Owhiro Bay, Wellington

When I started my new phase of painting I thought it was going to be a landscape career, hence the painting from this shot. I have since returned to what I have always been attracted to – urban scenes – so this was my last landscape for the time being, though it may not be my last. My landscape mood does return on occasions. Photo taken on the 9th March 2014, painting completed 14th July 2014.

This painting is available for sale.

click for a larger view >

acrylic on canvas 750 x 750