Lester Blair Studio | the photographer No. 1
art work paintings in the photorealism style by Lester Blair, a Wellington New Zealand Artist, plus a Christian blog plus painting & art blog.
painting, art, photorealism, painting art blog, Christian grace life blog, Artist Wellington New Zealand
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The Photographer No. 1

This painting was completed 28th September 2014. It is from a photograph of a doorway on Ghuznee Street, Wellington. The photo was taken 10.30am on 22nd September 2007. There has been a few changes since then. The shop is now painted bright red and is empty. You can see a painting of it in this gallery. I like the idea of getting several images from the same location, it saves me having to walk too far.




click image for even more zoom >

acrylic on 8oz cotton 900 x 700mm