Lester Blair Studio | A new painting process using the new iPad Pro
photographs and a digital drawing to be used for a basis of a new painting, by Lester Blair
digital drawing, Procreate, Astropad, photoshop, road signs in Taranaki, Stratford, small town culture
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A new process, and hopefully a new painting

In 2008, almost a decade ago I took two photos;

I sign on the edge of Stratford, Taranaki, Golf Club one Km on Left

A moss covered sign on the edge of Stratford, Taranaki for the Stratford Aero and Glider clubs.

They are the sort of road signs that are typical of small towns in New Zealand, I like looking at them. They are probably about 1 kilometre apart (I can’t remember). I thought the images may be stronger if combined into one image.  This is my first project with a new iPad 10″ Pro and apple pencil.  I love it! Instead of tied to my photoshop computer, I can now work from my favourite armchair into the evenings. This is my first drawing using the app ‘Procreate’ and from this I intend to make a painting that should look like this;

a digital drawing with two photographic images of signs. A design for a painting.

I will think about the colours by trying a few things in Photoshop, this time using Astropad on the iPad Pro with the apple pencil, which makes it operate like a tablet. Photoshop appears on the iPad Pro and matches the screen on the iMac.

In a week I should have something to show on canvas.

  • Justine Craig
    Posted at 15:41h, 12 July

    Looks amazing –