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a blog showing the progress of a painting in the photorealism style, plus ideas & musings on the process of photography and painting.
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Psychology of a beachcomber

I have thought of myself as being a beachcomber of sorts. I imagine some recluse that lives on an isolated beach somewhere, maybe West Coast New Zealand down deep South with just bush and sea. He spends his days just walking the beach and seeing what washes up. It is just past the Christmas period and like most New Zealanders there is a change of routine, and I get a bit reflective at this stage, thinking of why I do the things I do. With family coming and going, I have been taking a rest from painting and between family visits just taking a walk down the street where I live taking photos. This is the beachcomber part of my process. I seem to get most of my material from close at hand, just like the recluse on the beach. I do see photos as material for painting and it is always a delight to find an image where others maybe just walk past too busy to look. I find it is always the urban environment that I am drawn to. I wonder if it is my spiritual outlook. We as mankind began in a garden, but our final destination is a city. I began life on a dairy farm, yet I always felt like I should be in town though I am quite reclusive by nature, like the beachcomber. Anyway, enough of that, here are a few snaps which I think may become paintings. There are more added to the photon bin, you can see them from the gallery menu above.

The Terrace, Radio NZ House

The Terrace, Radio NZ House

Buildings and reflections

Buildings and reflections

Digital photograph, glass tower, Wellington New Zealand

glass tower, Wellington New Zealand

Commercial buildings on The Terrace with car reflections

The Terrace.

Buildings on Boulcott Street, Wellington New Zealand

Boulcott Street.

Street scene in down town, Corner Stout Street & Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand.

Corner Stout Street & Lambton Quay.

Corner Balance Street & Lambton Quay, Wellington New Zealand.

Corner Balance Street & Lambton Quay

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