Lester Blair Studio | recent paintings by Lester Blair
acrylic on canvas paintings in a figurative style by artist Lester Blair. Subjects are often of the Wellington region of New Zealand both landscape as well as urban social landscapes.
paintings, figurative painting, photorealism, new zealand, art, acrylic on canvas, landscape painting, social landscape, art by Lester Blair, New Zealand artist
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Lester’s art in two sentences;
I like to paint & take photographs.
I make paintings based on my photographs.

I have been making images since 1975 (not counting childhood, where I was always drawing). These images were either drawing, sketching, painting or taking photographs. Ten years prior to 2013 I was just making photographs. In late 2013 I  purchased a painting easel and  began a new phase of painting, but this time rather than working from sketches in an expressionistic style I began to work from photographs. The paintings after some intial efforts began to resemble a photographic look, I guess you would call this a photorealism style.


I am now experimenting on a new pared down style, a graphic style with strong colour. Hoping to continue with the more photorealistic images as well though these too might take on a more simple rendering though they are figurative they will also have a language of abstraction too. The subject matter has been some landscape but more often it is a social landscape that interests me.

If you find my work interesting
I can keep you up to date by my Newsletter.

acrylic on canvas portrait painting by Lester Blair
black bird on broken concrete, a painting by Lester Blair
McMansion house in the suburbs
Acrylic on canvas 600mm x 600mm
"Fruit shop shop on Cuba Street". Acrylic on canvas 1000mm x 750mm
"Modest dwelling, Featherston". Acrylic on canvas 900 x 700mm
a painting by Lester Blair of a Green Door and broom, with the reflection of nikau palm
acrylic on 8oz cotton 900 x 700mm
Acrylic on Canvas, 1050mm x 750mm
acrylic on canvas 910mm x 710mm
Acrylic on canvas 600mm x 600mm
Acrylic on canvas 700mm x 600mm
the shadow of the photographer walking the streets of Wellington.
acrylic on canvas 600x600mm
a painting by Lester Blair, taken from a photograph
acrylic on canvas 838x838mm
acrylic on canvas 750 x 750