Lester Blair Studio | lesterblairstudio
art work paintings in the photorealism style by Lester Blair, a Wellington New Zealand Artist, plus a Christian blog plus painting & art blog.
painting, art, photorealism, painting art blog, Christian grace life blog, Artist Wellington New Zealand
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Author: lesterblairstudio

The technique is a like a cartoon language, rather than a photographic language, one reason is the weave of the canvas is more pronounced due to a heavier canvas, the other reason is I am more inclined to simplify my images by including details only where...

I was not happy, I nnew something was not right, held my finger before my eye and blocked out the bottom half, it had to go! That's it, on with something else. [caption id="attachment_20063" align="aligncenter" width="1536"] Acrylic on canvas 600mm x 600mm[/caption]...

My second painting done and my thoughts so far are; It is good to be not fighting against the medium (smooth graduations in acrylic are not as suitable as oil paint). I would like to make my own choices about colour rather than following what the camera produces. I will still...