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Lester Blair, short bio, artist statement
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I have had no formal art training, just some community art classes in the 1980’s. Back then I had made a promise to myself, or if my memory serves me well, a prayer, that by the time I was approaching retirement I would be working as an artist full time.


I sold my taxi franchise April 2015 and now by the grace of God I am working full time as a perceptual artist(I make paintings that resemble to a degree what I am looking at) . I am presently making paintings that are based on my own photographs. My paintings show places where I have stood and felt something like a memory or a feeling like a dream. They are places which seem like a dreamscape, a reflection of another world or the remnant of a world that has past. Often places where peoples dreams have been abandoned. I am all for dreams coming true.


What more can I say, I just enjoy making images, and I enjoy walking about, and looking, even if it is just down the road. See my ‘painting’ blog posts for regular (sometimes not so regular) updates.


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