Lester Blair Studio | black bird, broken concrete and carpark, a painting by Lester Blair
acrylic painting by Lester Blair. A chance meeting with a black bird while out walking.
Contemporary Graphic realism, acrylic painting on canvas, art by Lester Blair, New Zealand artist, New Zealand Contemporary art
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A short history of a blackbird

A chance meeting with a blackbird while out walking, not sure if the blackbird is still around, but everything else has gone as there is a large hotel here.  This painting is now done. I will try for two versions here. This painting is one version which is acrylic on canvas. The other could be print editions produced from the drawing file which is presently a vector file format on my computer. I would prefer to do prints this way as it becomes a different work, same image but subtle differences, rather than just photographing the painting as in a reproduction. At this stage it is just in the idea stage. The other advantage, any size could be produced where as a photograph does have size limits.

PS this is the second version of this post, I inadvertently deleted the original one from yesterday.

black bird on broken concrete, a painting by Lester Blair

acrylic on canvas 840 x 840mm, a painting by Lester Blair

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