Lester Blair Studio | Blackbird, broken concrete and a carpark - art by Lester Blair
an acrylic painting in progress with a preliminary digital computer drawing by artist Lester Blair
Acrylic painting on canvas, art, painting, New Zealand art, digital vector art, - Lester Blair artist
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A black bird, a car park and broken concrete

I like blackbirds though here I have produced a blue one, I like the way they are free and often get in the way while one is gardening. They don’t seem too bothered about us, just content to find a worm or two.

I have started off with a digital drawing using a vector drawing program on my iPad Pro. I am looking at the possibility of making several versions of a work, like digital print editions, as well as an acrylic painting.

The nice thing about vector art is it can easily be reproduced in different sizes, and if one wanted to, in different colours and printed in different ways. I like the idea of several versions of an image, they could be so much more affordable.

Digital drawing vector art.

The painting has probably another week to go. This is the first painting with out any illusion to photorealism. I am using a graphic language totally which is more straightforward for painting, but does require other skills plus it has a contemporary look that appeals to me.

acrylic painting in progress. 835mm x 835mm.

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